Dry Erase Travel Pack with Dry Erase Pip-Squeaks Markers


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IDEAL FOR ROAD TRIPS: This dry-erase board opens like a book and has two sides of usable surface area, allowing multiple kids to draw and write on the board at the same time. Once a drawing is completed, the board can be easily wiped down with the E-Z Erase Cloth and more new masterpieces can begin.

KID-FRIENDLY: This travel pack includes non-toxic blue, yellow, red, and green Pip-Squeaks Markers for bright and vibrant pictures and designs. These washable dry-erase markers won’t stain clothes, car seats, or hands.

REUSABLE SURFACE REDUCES WASTE: The Crayola Dry Erase Travel Pack is also an ideal solution for taking notes, writing messages, and keeping score during family game time. The erasable surface means you won’t waste paper when it’s time for another message or to start keeping score for a new game.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: One Dry-Erase Travel Pack with four washable dry-erase Pip-Squeaks Markers and E-Z Erase Cloth.


With the Crayola Dry Erase Travel Pack, kids can draw, erase, and create again wherever they go. A folding design dry-erase board and built-in storage for markers makes this travel pack a compact solution for drawing on the go. Its convenient size fits easily into a diaper bag, backpack, purse, or car seat pocket.

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